We Represent The Student

  Thank you for visiting M. Spyrou Education Services' web site. This is the first step of the most important experience in your life; the student life. 

  Choosing the correct educational institution in the United Kingdom and subject of your studies is crucial for achieving your dreams. Considering the importance of this decision, we cannot accept that you will not take part in the procedure of choosing the studies that suits you, the proper educational destination and the accommodation that makes you feel comfortable.

  Our team consists of young people, hard workers who are strongly motivated in helping you achieve your goals and we all have something in common. Just like you are planning now, we left Cyprus to study and live in the UK for a long period of time.  By doing so we never accepted a discount on our education goals and we never put boundaries in our dreams.

  Our primary goal is to provide guidance and support so that you get accepted by a university in the UK that fulfills all of your requirements. We are not here to find you just a place in a university; we are here to guide you on how to get accepted to the university YOU want, how to find suitable accommodation and to support you during the whole period of your new experience. Accepting our services you can rest assure that you will study in a fully recognized UK institution, and that you will have a friend before during and after your studies.