Our educational consulting services for Cypriots wishing to study in the UK

UK university selection for Cyprus students
University accommodation arrangement
Student finance is available for Cypriot students UCAS UK university application assistance
  From the time of visiting M. Ch. Spyrou Education Services in Cyprus until the first day of academic year in the UK, it is a commitment that our team will be giving our 100% effort to achieve students’ desirable result which will be crucial for their future. We set students demands as our number one priority and we provide high quality services in order to make this experience as exciting as it can be. 

  The procedure of getting a place in a UK university or college for a prospective student from Cyprus requires some simple but important steps. The first step is the university selection which can be achieved after an extended one on one discussion, taking into account students’ dreams and desires. Once we decide together the subject and UK university that students will apply, we provide assistance in the procedure of application in order to reduce the probability of making any kind of mistake and to present the best outcome to the educational institutions. By keeping students up-to-date on the status of their applications we aim to reduce anxiety, uncertainty and waiting. After receiving an offer from any university and when students make their decision regarding the place they will continue their studies, immediately we proceed to the arrangement of accommodation, always considering students’ demands and budget. By ensuring a place we inform student and parents for the existence of the EU Student Finance and its requirements and we provide guidelines for its application completion. 

  Last but not least, having in mind that the UK is a new and different environment for students from Cyprus, we aim to give accurate advice for the means of getting to the UK in their place of study and information about living in the chosen university and city. We believe that we are the future and at the same time we are sure that all the prospective students will be educated enough in order to become the future of Cyprus. We care about you because together we are the future.