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UK University Accommodation Arrangements

Arrangement of accommodation for Cypriot students securing placement in a UK university.

Accommodation assistance for Cyprus students in UK
 Once students secure a place in a UK university or college, our team at M. Ch. Spyrou Education Services helps them find suitable accommodation. In our opinion the accommodation of any student in any country is one of the most crucial decisions and we place enormous emphasis in understanding the student's needs and assist in making informed choices.  There is a wide variety of accommodation types in the UK: 

- On campus

- University Accommodation: Most universities in the UK are able to provide accommodation to students on campus.

- Off campus

- Studios: Can be found in private halls. Rooms with private toilet, bathroom, kitchen, office and bed.

- En-suite: This particular type of accommodation is the most common in UK, rooms with private bathroom, WC, bed and office but common kitchen and living room.

- Shared houses.